Melissa Ector BSc. Nutrition Dt.P.

Peak Nutrition for Pinnacle Success!

Melissa graduated from McGill University’s faculty of Dietetics and Human Nutrition and obtained a Bachelor of Science in nutrition. She then completed a professional certification as a Dietician and Nutritionist. Melissa has also studied phytotherapy and holistic health and is currently a member of the OPDQ with over 15 years of experience.

Melissa enjoys working with a varied clientele from diabetics to body builders. Her career highlight to date is helping borderline diabetics and medicated diabetics completely reverse their conditions.

Melissa loves music and exercise; especially when the two are combined.

‘’My Philosophy is simple – Peak Nutrition for Pinnacle Success. It’s a fact that 80% of beauty, health and longevity is determined by nutrition. Optimizing your nutrition will get you to your goal faster and keep you there longer.’’