The CDL / Duclair Academy High Performance programs are designed for youth ages 4 to 18 who want to play competitive tennis and take their game to the next level.

Our programs are based on the Long-Term Athletic Development plan (LTAD) and offers all serious athletes, from beginners to advanced, an environment to acquire the skills of tennis while growing a passion for the sport.

Our coaching philosophy is built on three core values:

  • Dedication – In all our programs, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and in developing strong technical and tactical competencies in our players. Our athletes are taught the fundamentals of tennis, receive constant feedback and are encouraged to improve their skills through meaningful practice.
  • Determination – Our environment nurtures the athlete’s focus and mental toughness through physical challenge, discipline, and mentorship. Developing a tennis player also means developing a strong mental attitude capable of performing under adversity. By building strong athletes and enhancing fitness and athleticism (speed, strength, power, quickness, agility, flexibility) we develop capable and determined athletic tennis players.
  • Discipline – Our athletes are encouraged to become a “student of the game” and learn their playing style in order to counter their opponents’ styles. We promote self-discipline, leadership, respect and personal responsibility on and off the court.

Download the booklet or contact Farell@duclairacademy.com for more information