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Monday, May 6, 2019

Summer Camp 2019

Summer is on its way, and with it comes the decision on which Camp you will enroll your child in. Camp is an excellent way for kids to learn structure and to grow, learning discipline, self-confidence and much, much more.

They will also inevitably make new friends and learn new skills. So what sets Club CDL’s Summer Camp apart? Many things, which is why we have created this 10-item list on why Club CDL is Montreal’s best Summer Camp option.

  1. Keeps your child ACTIVE!

In today’s world, technology has affected how children spend their time, keeping them indoors and inactive more than ever before. Club CDL encourages physical activity and will keep your child busy with fun, demanding activities designed to help with cardio and other aspects of a healthy, physical lifestyle.

  1. Multiple Sports Options

Club CDL is a renowned Tennis Facility, and has the Tennis Summer Camp to go along with it. However, if tennis is not your child’s game, fear not: Our Multisport camp includes sports such as ball hockey, basketball, badminton, soccer & more!

  1. The Outdoor Pool

Yes, we have an amazing outdoor pool, complete with lifeguard. Your kids can swim in safety or just dip their toes in to cool off should the summer sun be too much!

  1. Your Child will make new friends!

Club CDL is an excellent place for your child to meet new people and make a ton of new friends along the way! Meeting others is one thing, but banding together while jumping into a new sport or activity is a great bonding tool for your children and creates memories that will last a lifetime!

  1. 10% discounts.

We offer a 10% discount to siblings, as well as 10% for signing up for four weeks or more! (Discounts cannot be combined)

  1. Daycare Options Available

Daycare is available between 7-9 am as well as 4-6 pm at great rates, just $65 a week!

  1. Great Healthy & Nutritional Meal Plans Available

For just $65 a week, you no longer have to worry about your preparing a lunch for your child, as Club CDL offers a meal plan that is not just delicious, but healthy & nutritional as well!

  1. Summer Camp helps with Self-Esteem & develops Leadership

Our Club CDL Summer Camp will help develop your child’s self-esteem. It allows for children to truly understand the thought process and advantages of making a good decision and believing in themselves to do the right thing. It also helps them interact with other children and make their own decisions without mom and dad.

  1. Rain or Shine!

Club CDL is proud to be running all summer long, rain or shine! On top of our excellent outdoor facilities, our club houses beautiful indoor tennis courts as well as an indoor soccer field. No day shall be ruined by the weather!

  1.  Greg Segal

This year, we have hired Greg Segal, Quarterback of the McGill Football Team, as our Sports Specialist. He will input his expertise in ensuring that your children will get the most out of their Summer Camp experience while keeping them entertained, engaged and focused. We are very excited to have Greg on board!

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