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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Tennis Congress

Dean Hollingworth, CSCS, MTPS


In July, I gave a presentation in Atlanta at the International Tennis Performance Association on Advanced Speed and agility training for Tennis. After my presentation, PJ Simmons, founder of the Tennis Congress, approached me to discuss the subject matter. The Tennis Congress is a very unique gathering that takes place once a year for top competitive amateur tennis players. His vision is to create an environment where amateur athletes can experience the same type of training as professional athletes. He brings together some of the best coaches in the tennis industry, both on the tennis (Emilio Sanchez, 3-time grand slam doubles champion, Gigi Fernandez, 1- time grand slam doubles champion) and fitness (Mark Kovacs, executive director of the International Tennis Performance Association and Alistair McCaw, trainer to top tennis professionals) sides. I was very honoured and flattered to be asked to be part of this elite group.


Dean Zona


I left for Arizona not knowing what to expect from this event. I was asked to present on core training and advanced speed and agility for tennis. Much to my pleasure, it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my professional career. The enthusiasm of the attendees and support from other professionals was tremendous. It was also a great learning experience listening to others present and being able to share ideas with professionals from all over the world. Here is hoping to be being invited back again next year.