Walter Weinzinger – Director of Tennis

Born and educated in Austria, Walter started his tennis development at age 9 and played the European and International Tennis Federation Circuit for 4 years. After competing in the professional Circuit until 1987, he decided to pursue a career in the Tennis industry.

Walter started coaching tennis full time at the CDL Racquet club in 1985 and become director for the CDL Junior Programs in 1986. He began his Tennis Canada coaching certification in 1987 and is constantly continuing his certification through Tennis Canada.

Over 1000 kids have been introduced to tennis under Walter’s supervision, and many hundreds of young athletes have been able to pursue a tennis scholarship or career because of his passion for the game.

  • Entraîneur par excellence 2002 (Québec)
  • Tennis Canada Coach of the Year
  • Coached Athletes of all levels (Eric Chvojka and Valerie Tetreault)
  • Coached ladies interclub teams at all 4 levels with numerous Titles

Gilbert St-Jean – Director of Adult Tennis Programs

As a Tennis Canada level 2 certified instructor, Gilbert has been part of the tennis world for 35 years, 16 of which were spent in Germany on a professional circuit.

For the last 22 years, Gilbert has been coaching all levels, from kids to adults, in the greater Montreal area. Gilbert is a member of the Tennis Professional association.