We are proud to offer a facility that caters to the many different lifestyles of our members. People of all fitness levels and with varying recreation interests can find something to suit them at the club, all at affordable prices, offered year round!

Club CDL is happy to offer the following to our members at our facilities:

  • 9 Indoor Clay Courts
  • 4 Indoor Hard Courts
  • 6 Outdoor Clay Courts
  • 4 Squash Courts
  • 2 Racquetball Courts
  • Full Fitness/gym Facility

Club CDL is also proud of their latest addition, Restaurant Rouge Sante. The bistro serves a wide variety of tasty meals and snacks to give you the energy you need to succeed. From shakes and wraps to salads and sandwiches, our new bistro is a great place to meet before and after your workout! 


Club Hours

Tuesday Sept. 8, 2020 to Sunday May 30, 2021

Indoor facilities:

Monday to Friday                          Open                 Closed

Front doors:                                      6h30                  23h30

Gym:                                                  6h30                  23h00

Tennis, squash, racquetball:            6h30                  23h00


Saturday & Sunday:                         Open                Closed

Front doors :                                     6h30                  21h00

Gym:                                                  6h30                  20h30

Tennis, squash, racquetball:            6h30                  20h30


No outdoor facilities.


Boutique Tennis Tek:

Monday to Friday:             9h00 à 20h00

Saturday & Sunday:          9h00 à 16h00


Bistro Rouge Santé:                                                        

Monday & Tuesday:               8h00 à 21h00

Wednesday-Thursday:          8h00 à 22h00

Friday:                                     8h00 à 20h00

Saturday & Sunday:               8h00 à 16h00

Opening and closing hours are subject to change without notice.